"Unescosites - Italian Heritage and Arts" exhibition inaugurated to celebrate G7

An exhibition entitled "Unescosites - Italian Heritage and Arts", launched to celebrate the G7, was inaugurated in Taormina and will be held on 26 and 27 May, adding to the cultural events organized in the occasion of the visit by Member States delegates during the G7.

The exhibition is a multimedia itinerary that transports visitors to some of the wonderful Italian and Sicilian UNESCO sites by putting together culture, technology and tourism. It is curated by Roberto Celli, who created an experience of immersion into the Italian UNESCO sites even if, for now, only the Sicilian ones are available. At Corvaia Palace, where the exhibition is held, visitors will be able to see about 30 sites.

The itinerary is available in three languages: Italian, English and Chinese, as it represents the future of international tourism. The exhibition is aimed at young people, thanks to the use of modern technology, and is intended to turn the journey into something deeper. It was staged in Beijing and Shanghai, where it was seen by 9 million people. China has 50 UNESCO sites and Italy has 58: the intention is to promote our sites, not only those that are located in our cities of art. At Corvaia Palace, visitors will learn about 30 of them through a special technology that can make the sites come to life.

The exhibition will end on 31 July and has a good chance of continuing its mission in Italy to promote and enhance our artistic, architectural and archaeological heritage.

For an event that begins, many other scheduled events are likely to remain at the roadside, in view of the lack of time as compared to the number of activities to be completed.

Meanwhile, 15 days in advance, 7.000 men, 4.000 policemen and 3.000 soldiers, reached Taormina to provide security for the participants of the exhibition.

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