2017, the year of Italian Villages

Thanks to the project "Borghi-Viaggio Italiano" launched by the Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Heritage, in 2017 is possible to visit Italian's small realities full of history and uniqueness, that few know and visit.

The project provides the relaunching of national and international tourism of this villages, also with the utilization of the so-called "Passoborgo", a digital passport that tourists can use, in order to gain discounts and offers from local operators and associations, which have prepared for tourists a lot of interesting routes and initiatives .

The Villages that join the project are about 1000, distributed on 18 Regions, including the areas affected by the earthquake of 2016, who will realize tourist initiatives even in geological and environmental context in order to increase awareness of a such delicate and important subject.

#villages #italy #passoborgo #2017

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