Reopens the Maritime Theater of Emperor Adriano's residence

After a three-year restoration campaign, the Maritime Theater, one of the favourite places of Emperor Adriano in its magnificent residence, can be visited again.

"The Maritime Theater - commented Andrea Bruciati, Director of the Autonomous Institute Villa Adriana and Villa d'Este - was a space devoted to thought, meditation, reflection, which now resumes from a restoration that interested a fundamental area of ​​the adrianean residential complex in the last three years. Imaginary iconic environment, partially inaccessible since 2010, now reintegrating the total reading of the monument, projecting a new light on the near future of the Villa. "

After a long period of closure, the charming marble portico of the Maritime Theater will be accessible again, allowing access to the two Imperial Palaces, where visitors will be able to admire the small private domus placed on the central "island" channeled by the canal. The integration of wall murals, conducted - as is the tradition of restoration in Villa - with rigorous philological method, respectful of the poetry of the ruins, and the cleaning of the stone surfaces emphasize the beauty of the space solutions that fit, preferring wrap-around spaces vaulted roofs, in the most innovative line of Adrian's design.

Similarly, in the adjacent Room of the Philosophers, integrations and consolidations have redone the lines of the colossal structures of what was actually the library of the Villa, an expression of the ideal of Greek culture, as a true unifying element of the Adrian's Empire.

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