Virgil Academy welcomes you to Italy

Study abroad program in San Giuliano: values and benefits.

Davide Zori, Anthropology Department Baylor University 

Alden Smith: join us!

Alden Smith, professor of Classics, Interim Chair Associate Dean of the Honors College.

Davide and Colleen Zori: San Giuliano medieval site description.

Davide and Colleen Zori, Baylor University.

Colleen Zori: present and future of San Giuliano Archaeological Research Project. 

Colleen Zori, Anthropology Department, Baylor University.

Lunch break at San Giuliano archaeological site

Collen Zori: why join a study abroad program in San Giuliano.

Collen Zori. Anthropology Department Baylor University

Davide Zori: the italian experience.

Davide Zori, Anthropology Department Baylor University

Working in Barbarano Romano

Colleen Zori: San Giuliano Archaeological Research Project's approach.

Colleen Zori. Anthropology Department, Baylor University.

Davide Zori: San Giuliano Archaeological Research Project.

Davide Zori, Baylor Interdisciplinary Core, Honors College Baylor University.