Under 30s love Italy but know little about it, says a CTS survey

Young people are very interested in the Italian cultural heritage. This is the outcome of the survey conducted by CTS, which collected 500 answers by submitting 10 questions to under 30s, in order to evaluate their knowledge and appreciation of the Italian environmental and cultural heritage.

In detail, culture is a must when traveling for 75% of the respondents, interest that turns out to be a professional motivation, too. In fact, almost all of the respondents (97%) are interested in gaining experience in the cultural tourism field or have been thinking about dealing with the promotion of the territory for a living (76%).

From the answers to the 10 questions, it emerged how little young people know about Italy: only 15% of the respondents has visited almost all of the regions, while 45% of them has visited less than 10 of them.

This survey is the first step of the "Beautiful Country, Good Tourism" project, developed by CTS in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Italian Association for Responsible Tourism (AITR), a communication campaign aimed at promoting the knowledge of the "minor" environmental and cultural heritage among young people. The goal is to increase visits and promote youth employment and self-employment connected to the promotion and fruition of these resources.

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