Statue of Diana the Huntress unearthed after 2000 years

The excavation in Via Roma, Terracina, was destined to the installation of two big tanks for the service station, before turning into an archaeological dig following the unexpected discovery of thermal baths dating back to the Roman period and a statue of Diana the Huntress.

An ancient floor and wall dating back to the Imperial period emerged from the excavation, as well as some medieval relics. A second survey unearthed the remains of an optimally preserved thermal baths complex, decorated with marble slabs coming from all over the Roman Empire, discovered in 2000. It seems like the statue of the patron goddess of hunting was located in the structure's hot plunge bath, namely caldarium, and it is thought to date back to the 1st-2nd century A.D., testifying the importance of Terracina during the Roman period.

In 2000, in the same area being excavated today, which got the Superintendence's attention right away, a statue of Giove Anxur was unearthed, inside what seemed to be a cold plunge bath, namely frigidarium.

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